Review of “Bidaay Byomkesh” – Passing on the baton to Gen-X

Director – Debaloy Bhattacharya

Cast – Abir Chatterjee, Sohini Sarkar, Bidipta Chakraborty, Joy Sengupta, Rupankar Bagchi.

Overall Rating – 3/5

In recent past so many Byomkesh movies have been made by different filmmakers, but Debaloy Bhattacharya’s Bidaay Byomkesh is very different from that league. Unlike those films it’s not based on any story written by Sharadindu rather it has been made with an original script written by director Debaloy Bhattacharya himself. This is a story which tries go more insight in the personal life of the sleuth where he is more the head of the family than a detective. The concept is quite interesting and that’s why the film had grabbed attention since it was announced. But after watching the film one will realize director Debaloy Bhattacharya has missed such an interesting opportunity in an immature execution.

The film begins with an aged Byomkesh Bakshy ( Abir Chatterjee) who is living with his daughter in law Anusua (Bidipta Chakraborty) and grandson Satyaki (Abir Chatterjee). His wife Satyabati (Sohini Sarkar) and friend Ajit (Rahul Banerjee) is no more alive, although they keeps appearing in his imagination as his alter egos. His only son Abhimanyu (Joy Sengupta) is missing for last two years. The whole family is disturbed for this, specially Satyaki who considers it as a big failure of his grandfather Byomkesh Bakshy. In such a situation suddenly Abhimanyu comes back but with charge of murder. He surrenders himself confessing that he has killed a man. The whole Bakshy family has a gut feeling that Abhimanyu is innocent. But he is not ready to cooperate with anyone to prove himself innocent. In such a situation Byomkesh takes the responsibility to prove innocence of his son and later he is joined by Satyaki too.

The story begins with an exciting note and kept the momentum going on for sometime. But later it looses it’s track and towards the climax it derails totally from right track. The main problem of the film is, it tries to address too many things in limited time. It brings up the issues in Bakshy family at the same time it keeps walking in the path of a whodunit thriller. In middle of that it takes a lot of time to establish Satyaki as new age tech savvy Satyanweshi. On top of that there is a romantic track too between Satyaki and Tunna ( Sohini Sarkar). All these tracks take too much time which leads to a hurried climax that is full of loopholes. It’s true that the revelation in the climax is not easily predictable which is a good sign but it lefts so many questions unanswered which makes it unsatisfactory. Finally the climax is ruined by the annoying overacting by the main culprit. The person’s look and acting style both changes suddenly after revealing the truth. The actor who was doing sober acting so far suddenly becomes over the top.

The narrative has been affected more because of the disorganized editing by Sanglap Bhowmik. His approach of mixing scenes together adds more confusion. Also in a crisis situation in an emotional song if we see random footage of Byomkesh romancing Satyabati and Satyaki getting cosy with Tunna, it really looks awkward.

Among all this if something works best that is the performance by the leading man Abir Chatterjee. He has played two characters, one is much older than his real age another one younger to him. He has played both the parts with ease. Specially playing an aged Byomkesh with so much prosthetic makeup is not an easy job but Abir has handled it effectively. Sohini Sarkar too has played a double role still she has nothing much to do. But she has managed to impress in the limited scope. She looks refreshing as the modern urban girl Tunna although she deserves a better hairstyle. Bidipta Chakraborty is not a regular in movies but after watching her in Bidaay Byomkesh one must say she should be seen more in movies. She has acted really well. Rahul Banerjee suits well as Ajit. Looking forward to see him in full fledged role as Ajit in next Byomkesh movies.

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Overall Bidaay Byomkesh is a good concept but a loosely written script could not match up to it. Hopefully it will have a better written sequel. In spite of the shortcomings of the script, the film is watchable because of the wonderful performance of Abir Chatterjee in a double role.

Bidaay Byomkesh Review Rating

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