Review of Meghnadbodh Rohossyo

  • August 8, 2017
  • by Mukesh Jha

Director – Anik Dutta

Cast – Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Gargee Roychowdhury, Abir Chatterjee, Vikram Chatterjee, Sauraseni Maitra, Saayoni Ghosh

Overall Rating – 3/5

At one point in the movie “Meghnadbodh Rohossyo”, one character tells a Bengali filmmaker that Bengali filmmakers will never be done with Naxalgia which is nostalgia about Naxalite movement. The same can be said about director Anik Dutta who has reintroduced Naxalgia in a smartly told mystery thriller set in December 2016 but it’s roots are deeply involved with Naxalite movements in 1970’s. If you remember Anik’s debut film “Bhooter Bhabishyat” too had a small hint of Naxal activities of 1970’s in Bengal.

The story starts with renowned sci-fi thriller writer Asimavo Ghosh (Sabyasachi Chakraborty) who is well settled in abroad, has came to India to attend the book launch of one of his own book’s Bengali adaptation by journalist Elina (Saayoni Ghosh). Asimavo was a student leader in his college days and was associated with Naxalite movements but later he left all these and went to abroad. Asimavo lives with his second wife Indrani (Gargee Roychowdhury) who was once a National award winning actress of Bengali cinema but currently is attached with some social works. Both Asimavo and Indrani have kids from their first marriage Wrik (Vikram Chatterjee) and Guli(Sauraseni Maitra) respectively. Both the kids have problem to accept their new father and mother but they are quite friendly with each other. Apart from these people there are some other characters like director Kunal Basu (Abir Chatterjee) who is Indrani’s friend; there were some rumors of their affair when both of them were in pick of their careers. Then there is Janaki who works very closely with Indrani to help her with the NGO activities. There is one painter and curator friend of Asimavo, also there is one long distance relative of Asimavo who works as a caretaker of his house in his absence.

All these were going okay but suddenly Asimavo receives a strange thing as gift, a novel “Meghnadbodh Kabyo” written by Michael Madhusudan Dutta, by some anonymous person.He received it not once but twice also he receives some strange message in his social media account. All these makes him very worried and nervous also he starts behaving in a strange way as he is scared of something. Even he has a near to death road accident which makes him believe that someone is trying to kill him. Indrani too gets worried about these incidents. In such a situation one morning Asimavo goes missing. From here the main investigation starts to find out what happened to Asimavo and who the person responsible for that is. If Asimavo’s past has something to do with this incident and how “Meghnadbodh Kabyo” is related with all these. All the answers are given in the emotionally charged climax.

One must say the story is refreshing and intelligent. Only the screenplay lacks the pace required for a thriller. The first half is too slow and takes much enough time to introduce all the characters. There are some secret with all these characters but sadly many of them only adds length and makes it multi-directional as it has nothing to do with the main plot. Also there are some unnecessary songs in the first half and an elaborated birthday celebration sequence which could have been reduced by length. The second half is comparatively faster but again two new characters are introduced in second half as investigation officer who are neither smart nor funny and finally adds no value. But the climax is wonderful where the lines between victim and culprit goes blur, you won’t be able to judge who is right and who is wrong only you can feel sympathy with the people affected by this. But just before the climax the way the mystery gets solved is not convincing enough, all of a sudden people get so much clues so easily, it does not look like just a co-incidence rather it seems forced in the screenplay so that the mystery can be resolved. But one must give credit to Anik Dutta for writing an original mystery not making a remake or novel adaptation. Also the way he has linked the novel by Madhusudan Dutta with the story, that is commendable. Anik Dutta do not make films frequently but whenever he make it, it has a refreshing subject that too with a strong feel of Bangaliyana with references from politics, films , music , literature, folks of Bangla which is a plus point. His first two films were satires and being a comedy those connected quite easily with the audience. But “Meghnadbodh Rohossyo” is different in approach, it lacks lighter moments, there are some smart satire about current political situation of Bengal but it is not for all section of audience. Also this time, Anik Dutta has tried to make it more for intellectual people which will limit its reach to a limited section of people only.

Another good thing about the film is wonderful performance by the whole cast lead by Sabyasachi Chakraborty and Gargee Roychowdhury. Sabyasachi is a fine actor but sadly he don’t get enough chance to play lead roles apart from Feluda movies. Here he has get the chance to play the main lead with an opportunity to play with a range of emotions from confident celebrity to an emotionally unstable person who is haunted by his own past. He has done full justice with his character. Gargee Roychowdhury is also a talented but not so utilized actress of Bengali movies. Mostly she don’t get meatier roles because of her age but here she has been perfectly cast as a mother and yesteryear actress. She has maintained her look really well with the required grace and glamour for an actress who is not a part of show business anymore but still have fan following. Also in the emotional scenes specially in the second half she is very much natural. Abir Chatterjee has nothing much to do and he has not been utilized properly here. He is okay from his side in the limited scope of his character. Here one thing needs to be said just because he plays Byomkesh on screen so it is not mandatory to make him play a detective in every other film.

The young brigade, Vikram Chatterjee, Sauraseni Maitra and Saayoni Ghosh all are okay but have nothing significant to do. Kamaleshwar Mukherjee and Sohag Sen shines in their cameos.

Overall it has its own set of flaws , it is slow and lacks the urgency required for a thriller but still one can watch it for a refreshing original story and some praise worthy performances by the lead cast.

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