Review of “Happy Pill” – Secret of happiness revealed

  • August 3, 2018
  • by Mukesh Jha

Director – Mainak Bhaumik

Cast – Ritwick Chakraborty, Parno Mittra, Sohini Sarkar, Mir

Overall Rating – 3.5/5

Happy Pill directed by Mainak Bhaumik gives a strong message in form of a satire. The message is happiness comes from inside, nothing else but you can make yourself happy. But in our current society most of the people have forgotten this basic formula and looking for happiness everywhere outside. As if someone else will come with a magic pill that will make us happy.

The film talks about one such magical pill called Happy Pill. A college dropout brilliant student Siddharth (Ritwick Chakraborty) invented this. Siddhartha was a bright student in college with sound knowledge in chemistry and medicines. But some unfortunate incidents destroyed his bright career and he got blacklisted for medicine practice for lifetime. Also his father passed away leaving the responsibility of an ailing mother and an unmarried sister Rini (Parno Mittra). Rini has her own problems in life. Because of her dark complexion she is not getting a suitable groom for her. She has a boyfriend but he don’t value her rather he and his family treats her very badly. Still Rini is desperate to impress them by applying fairness creme and using fake branded accessories. Siddhartha is frustrated with the helplessness of his family members so he makes an attempt to create Happy Pill for them and it shows positive result. Once his local friend Pocha (Mir) comes to know about this, he gives an idea to make it a business in partnership. Siddhartha takes care of manufacturing and Pocha looks after the selling part. Soon their business becomes a success and Happy Pill becomes famous among masses. Coincidentally a local news paper journalist Indrani (Sohini Sarkar) is also one of the successful users of the magical pill. She makes the pill more famous by writing an article about it in her newspaper. But manufacturing and distribution of a medicine needs lots of legal approvals so the way chosen by Siddhartha and Pocha is of course illegal. For obvious reasons Police looking for them. Also a local goon who is supposedly an illegal alcohol and drug supplier is also unhappy with Happy Pill as more unhappy people means more business for him. Will Siddhartha and Pocha be able to survive from the police and goons and if their business will survive that forms the climax.

With Happy Pill, director Mainak Bhaumik has shifted track from his regular story telling style. For a change this time the protagonists belongs to lower middle class of the society and Mainak has succeeded to make their world realistic. Art Directors Mridul and Saswati have done a good job to make the ambience look authentic. But the problem is with the storytelling. It is aiming to be a satire about our obsession with happiness but there is hardly any true funny scene regarding that obsession. There are so many unnecessary subplots like the track between Siddhartha and Indrani or the track of the local goons. Also the track of Rini and her boyfriend is very confusing. It’s been shown Rini boyfriend don’t like her but they are looking for money, but Rini is not from a financially sound family then why he is with Rini. There is no proper answer for that. The major problem with the screenplay is that it is too cliche. Although the concept is new but it feels like every scene is predictable. For example to show the effect of Happy Pill, director shows us few people smiling all around won’t it have been shown in a better way. Another example is the transformation of Rini, how many times we will see an under confident girl changed her attitude by changing her hairstyle and clothes. Can’t she play a confident girl wearing the same clothes like earlier.

Ritwick Chakraborty is one of the finest actors of all time and he has nothing new to prove. He slips into the shoes of any character with ease. After a long time Parno Mittra has got an opportunity to showcase her talent and she has utilised it totally. For the first time Ritwick and Parno has been cast as siblings and they have shown amazing chemistry as siblings too. Sohini Sarkar has very little screen time and nothing much to do. She has managed that part well. Mir has good comic timing but his look and body language is very annoying. There was no need to make him look like a joker, he is capable enough to generate comedy with his acting.

Mainak Bhaumik’s movies always have good music and here too all the three songs composed by Savvy are good and have been used properly in the narrative. But the background score is too heavy which creates a bad impression.

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Overall Happy Pill delivers a good message with some decent performances by Ritwick Chakraborty and Parno Mittra. But as a satire it lacks in delivering good humor. Still it can be watched to know the secret of happiness which is a big need in today’s time where everyone is so much stressed.

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