Review Of “Generation Aami” – A heart touching story about Generation gap

  • November 26, 2018
  • by Mukesh Jha

Director – Mainak Bhaumik

Cast – Rwitobroto Mukherjee, Sauraseni Maitra, Aparajita Adhya, Shantilal Mukherjee

Overall Rating – 4/5

Every teenager has to go through a phase in their life when they feel they are grown up enough to decide for themselves but their parents think they are still young enough to be left independent. This is a phase when kids do not understand their parents and parents do not understand their kids properly which is usually referred as generation gap. Director Mainak Bhaumik’s latest film Generation Aami has wonderfully captured this scenario through a heart touching story. The best thing about the film is that it tells the story through situations and characters which look and feel very real and everyone can relate with them easily. Another good thing about the writing is that it talks about generation gap without being partial to any of the generations. It highlights both the good and bad things of both parents and kids.

The story begins with Apu (Rwitobroto Mukherjee) who is a class X student in his late teens. Just like any other kid of his age, he has his struggles with his studies, he likes to hang out with friends, he has a crush over a girl in his class, also he is inclined to music and want to perform in a local music competition. But most of his dreams are far away from reality as his life is confined in a shell created by his parents. His parents are over protective about him, specially his mother (Aparajita Adhya) who is always worried about his studies and performance in exams. In fact before the exams she literally spoon feeds him and helps him to cross roads holding his hands. Unlike Apu’s mother, his father (Shantilal Mukherjee) could not keep an eye on him 24×7 because of his work pressure but he has made it clear to Apu that he has to crack IIT exams to secure a high salaried job in future. In such a situation Apu’s elder cousin Durga (Sauraseni Maitra) enters in his life like a fresh air. She is from Delhi and a clinical depression patient who comes to Kolkata for her treatment. Durga is completely opposite to Apu. She has never seen any restriction from her parents in fact she has never find too much love and care as well as her parents are always busy in their own lives. She likes to live her life in own terms, no rules, no boundation. Both Apu and Durga are opposite to each other but they complement each other perfectly, so they becomes friendly very soon. Durga helps Apu to live his life beyond the boundaries set by his parents and inspires him to pursue his dreams. On the other hand Apu showers his love and care towards Durga for which she was looking for throughout her whole life. But at the end of the day, they are still not grown up enough to take every decision of their life on their own, they need their parents approval too. Also they need their parents by their side to guide them and understand them. If Apu and Durga will be able to convince their parents to make them understand about their feelings, that has been answered in the climax.

It is not like that the story is too much fresh and we have not seen anything similar ever, we have seen many movies earlier about the issues faced by kids at a growing up age and also we have seen enough movies about good and bad parenting but still Generation Aami works for most of the part because of the familiarity of the characters and situations. When we see a young Apu tired of his parents for their over interference in his life or when we see him trying hard to impress his crush we can relate with these situations. Everyone of us must have gone through such situation in our own life or have seen such cases very closely with someone else known to us. Similarly we can feel the pain and loneliness of Durga who tries to be tough from outside but is fragile and vulnerable from inside , all she needs is little love and care from her near ones. Through these two characters, director Mainak Bhaumik has wonderfully gave examples of the results of two extreme way of parenting and also suggested that good parenting should be somewhere in between these two, making a perfect balance. Although the film has been narrated from the point of view the younger generation but the good thing is it has never neglected the older generation. It has always make space for them to express their feelings too. There is a well written confrontation scene between the father and son towards the climax which gives ample scope to both the side to present their point of view. Also the screenplay has been written with a correct balance of humor and emotions, the first half provides more light hearted fun moments while the second half hits the emotional chords. In fact there is a twist little before the climax which will surely bring a lump in your throat. Only the climax is too cliche and little unrealistic as lots of things settles down too easily. Also it is high time that the film writers think about other passions of youngsters other than just music. It is not always necessary that a middle class Bengali boy only dream to be a singer with a guitar in his hand they can have dreams of other interesting careers too.

In some of his interviews, Mainak Bhaumik had said that the film is somewhat pseudo-autobiographical as he has experienced similar situations very closely. So this subject is very close to his heart and he is very much clear what he wants to tell, that shows in his direction. He has handled every character and situation carefully so that the audience can feel connected with his vision. It is surely one if his career best film so far. Also one must be thankful to Mainak Bhaumik for bringing back the camaraderie between two siblings named Apu and Durga.

Rwitobroto Mukherjee is growing as an actor with every other film. He has became the first choice of directors to play a teenager characters which requires a good range of acting. After Pornomochi , it is his second film as a lead and he has pulled off the central character with ease. He is very much natural throughout the film. Sauraseni Maitra will surprise everyone with her excellent performance. So far she has worked in few movies but none of the movies (except Maachher Jhol too some extent) has given her that chance to showcase her talent. Generation Aami has given her that platform with a complex yet likable character and she has grabbed this opportunity with the best of her abilities. After this character everyone will surely notice her as an actress not just as a model. Aparajita Adhya has provided good support to the young kids. She is very good with her comic timing as well as she has handled emotional moments quite well. Shantilal Mukherjee has comparatively lesser screen time but he shines in the confrontation scene towards the climax.

Music has played an important part in this film and all the songs has been used wonderfully as per situation. Arindom Chatterjee’s composition is fresh and sounds good. Prasen’s lyrics blends well with the situations and helps the narrative to move forward. The two new singers Sudipto Chowdhury and Amrita Singh are good discoveries.

Overall Generation Aami is a well made film about a relevant topic. It gives good messages but without being preachy. It has some wonderful moments and characters that will connect everyone in the audience. No matter from which generation you belong, this movie is a must watch for every generations.

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