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Bangla Cinema - Review of "Rawhoshyo Romancho Series" - A treat for those who love thrillers. - Bangla Cinema

Review of “Rawhoshyo Romancho Series” – A treat for those who love thrillers.

  • September 15, 2019
  • by Mukesh Jha

Director – Abhirup Ghosh

Cast – Rudranil Ghosh, Souman Bose, Poulomi Das, Kanchan Mullick, Saayoni Ghosh, Sourav Saha, Biswanath Basu, Priyanka Sarkar, Preetam Ganguly

Rawhoshyo Romancho Series directed by Abhirup Ghosh is a combination three refreshing and engaging short stories featuring three different shades of thriller; a crime thriller, a super natural thriller and a suspense thriller. It was made as a feature film but later it has been released as a five episode series on the digital platform Hoichoi.

The first story is titled as Jhontu Motors. It is about a young unemployed guy Arjun (Souman Bose) who likes to live a extravagant lifestyle but his father is not ready to spend more than required money on him. To fulfill his needs, he takes a shortcut to earn easy money. He joins a group lead by a con man Jhontu (Rudranil Ghosh) who deals in car theft. The screenplay for this has been written by director Abhirup Ghosh which is based on the short story “Zip Zap Zoom” written by Indranil Sanyal. It has a series of interesting heists coming one after another. Among those, the first one in the opening of the film is the best. It is a smart decision to keep that part in the beginning because at that time the audience has no idea about the characters so it is not possible to guess anything about their next move. As a result the output comes as more surprising. The same does not happen with the twist in the end. By that time we are so much aware of the characters and their actions that one can see the twist coming much earlier. It would have been better watch with a different unpredictable ending. Despite of that it is an engaging story.

The second story is titled as Shokuni. It is about a gambler named Saikat (Kanchan Mullick). He is known as the luckiest gambler of Kolkata who never looses any bet. One day he gets to know about a secret gambling organization run by a mysterious lady (Saayoni Ghosh). This organization offers high risk high gain games. Being an addictive gambler, Saikat could not resist himself to join the game. Much later into the game he realizes how dangerous it can be for him. The story and screenplay for this has been written by Abhirup Ghosh and he has wonderfully mixed the real and surreal world into an edge of the seat thriller. Although there are some elements in the film which has no logical explanation but it is okay to accept that as long as it provides thrill. It is one smartly written story which does not spoon feed its audience with too much explanation rather it encourages them to solve many unexplained links on their own with the help of some intelligent clues. The plot has some similarities with Anurag Kashyap’s No Smoking but altogether it has a different story which has managed to hold our attention till the end.

The third story is titled as Jhorer Raat. It is set in a stormy night in Kolkata as an aftermath of a cyclone. Due to bad weather condition transport system and electricity is affected badly in many parts of the city. Taking the advantage of this situation a psycho killer has escaped from a mental asylum. Police has doubt that he can target a girl who had survived last time from his attack before his arrest. Maximum part of the story has been narrated in one room suspense drama format where two strangers (Priyanka Sarkar & Preetam Ganguly) are interacting with each other with disbelief for each other. Telling more about the story will spoil its suspense. The beginning of the story has some resemblance with Yash Chopra’s Ittefaq and Ram Gopal Verma’s Koun but by the time it ends with an absolute unpredictable twist, all these comparisons fade away. Once again the story and screenplay has been written by Abhirup Ghosh and he deserves credits for keeping the audience involved in guessing game till the end. Only shortcoming of the story is its length, it is too short. It could have given little more screen time to the two lead characters in the closed room to create more tension between them.

As a director it is the second film made by Abhirup Ghosh. His debut feature film went unnoticed by a major section of people as it was not made by a big production house. It is a sad reality, in spite of being talented such independent directors have to go through so much struggle to make their mark. Thanks to the platform of Hoichoi his second work has received the deserved recognition and hopefully now he will get his due credits. Many times we see, film makers in Bengali film industry give an excuse of budget to hide their in-capabilities but Abhirup Ghosh has proved that when you know the art of story telling budget can never be a big obstacle. He has made all these three films so wonderfully in a limited budget with limited resources available.

Most of the people in the technical crew are comparatively new but they are definitely good in their craft. It has helped to restrict the budget at the same time it has given the film a refreshing look and feel because of the collaborative effect of inventive ideas from the crew. Among the technical team the man who deserves most of the credit is cinematographer Ankkit Sengupta. He has skillfully given these three films completely different look compared to each other. Although the rain and storm shown in the third story look little artificial. It could have been shown using better techniques. Megh Banerjee’s background score and director Abhirup  Ghosh’s crisp editing have helped to create the perfect ambiance for an edgy thriller.

Not only in the technical crew, the makers have included many comparatively newer talents in the casting also along side some seasoned actors. No need to say all the seasoned actors are in good form whether it is Rudranil Ghosh or Saayoni Ghosh or Biswanath Basu or Priyanka Sarkar but the best among them is Kanchan Mullick for sure. He has proved that he is a versatile actor and much more capable than doing the same comic characters in every other movie. He surely deserves better written characters. Among the newer actors it is Souman Bose who has grabbed all the attention. He has done some work in digital platform lately, but still he is not an well known actor. This film will certainly help this talent to get noticed. Poulomi Das, Akshay Kapoor, Preetam Ganguly and Sourav Saha have also done impressive work in their limited screen time.

On a whole, Rawhoshyo Romancho Series is a perfect treat to those who love watching thrillers. It is a well made  compilation of three refreshing and engaging short stories made by a competent cast and crew. The hard work by the team deserve to be acknowledged by each and everyone.

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