“Paharia Sur” song from the movie “Reunion”

  • November 14, 2018
  • by Mukesh Jha

A large portion of the upcoming film Reunion is set in the hill areas of Darjeeling, so one Pahari song is a must. Here comes the new song Paharia Sur from the movie Reunion.

This is a song which comes during a cultural event performed by local artists of the hill areas. It has been composed by Joy Sarkar and his composition is very authentic with Pahari folk music. There are chorus lines also in Nepali language which sounds very nice. But the song begins with Bengali lyrics which does not look appropriate on the Nepali artists performing on the song. Later the song shifts to a dream sequence which features Indrasish Roy and Saayoni Ghosh. In this portion the bengali lyrics looks more in sync. Also in this sequence we can see both Indrasish and Saayoni dancing which is quite rare to see.

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