Director Arghyodeep Chatterjee announced his next a psychological thriller “Rhododendron”

Rhododendron is the name of a sweet looking flower mostly found in hill areas. But this same beautiful flower is used to make poison for animals too. So what looks attractive from outside can have dangerous effects too, this same metaphor will be there in the upcoming psychological thriller named as Rhododendron. Recently director Arghyodeep Chatterjee announced this film. It will be his third film as a director after Manihara and Jojo. Those two were supernatural thrillers but this time the focus will be more on deep dark psychology of human mind. Arghyodeep Chatterjee has also written the story of the film and the screenplay has been written by Soumit Dey.

The story has three subplots. First plot is about a girl madly in love with a guy. But later she realises that the guy is cheating her. The second incident is about a deadly drug which has been spread all over in Kolkata. It has been circulated among different ages of males in the city by some unknown sources. Police is doing investigation to find the source of this drug. The third story is from North Bengal. A dead body of a girl has been found in the hill area whose face is completely defaced and can’t be identified. Police finds an identity card of a girl from her bag. But the girl whose id card has been found is still alive. All these stories will be connected but how that has not been disclosed yet for obvious reasons. There is another common connection in these stories that is a resort in North Bengal named as Rhododendron Villa.

The film will feature Paayel Sarkar and Mainak Babdopadhyay who were last seen together in the web series Cartoon. Also there will be Anindita Bose, Pujarinee Ghosh, Tuhina Das, Rajesh Sharma and Sumit Samaddar in significant roles. The makers are not ready to disclose which actor is going to play which character as they don’t want the audience to come in theaters with any preconceived ideas. Shooting for the film has already started and it is supposed to be ready for release towards the end of the year.

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