Soham and Subhashree are coming together for Honeymoon

Soham and Subhashree are coming together for Honeymoon, but not in real life only for reel life. This cute pair who have worked together in so many films are working together once again for their next movie titled “Honeymoon“.

This year, Soham and Subhashree had two releases together “Amar Aponjon” and “Dekh Kemon Lage“, both the movies failed miserably. But together they share a wonderful chemistry and they look good on screen opposite each other, maybe that’s why they have been cast together once again.

This will be a romantic comedy about a newly married couple based on a story written by Samaresh Basu. It is one story written long ago but script writer Padmanava Dasgupta has adopted this story in today’s times. This movie will be a joint production of Greentouch Entertainment and Surinder Films. With this film, cinematographer Premendu Bikash Chaki will make his directorial debut. At the same time he will take care of cinematography as well. Apart from Soham and Subhashree, Ranjit Mullick and Rudranil Ghosh will be there in significant roles. Music will be done by Indraadip Dasgupta.

Shooting for the film has already started and a major portion will be shot at Dooars area in North Bengal. According to the makers the film will release around Valentine’s day in 2018.

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