Soham and Rittika’s new love story started with a Miss Call

Director Ravi Kinagi has started working on his next film titled as Miss Call. The film will feature Soham Chakraborty and Rittika Sen in the lead roles and it will be produced by Surinder Films. Before this, Soham and Rittika were paired opposite each other in 2017’s multi starer comedy Jio Pagla which was also directed by Ravi Kinagi.

As the name suggests a miss call will play an important part in the film. According to director Ravi Kinagi, the film is based on some true incidents. In our every day life we hear about many friendships and relationships which had started with some miss call or cross connections. Exactly similar thing will happen with the lead pair of this film. Soham will be seen as a boy from a middle class family and Rittika will be seen as a college going student. They will get connected because of a miss call, soon they will fall in love and also get married. What follows next is not exactly the way they had planned, there is some twist in the tale and that you have to see in the theaters when it will get released. Currently shooting for the movie is in progress and it is expected to get release during the first half of 2019.

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