Soham, Gaurav and Bonny to star together in Haranath Chakraborty’s horror comedy

Director Haranath Chakraborty whose last release was Dharasnan featuring Rituparna Sengupta has started working on his next film. It will be a horror comedy titled as Bhootchakra Private Limited. This is a story of three friends. Three aimless unemployed friends oneday accidentally gets access to a machine called Bhoot Jantro. Soon they discover this is not an ordinary machine rather it is a mysterious device in which ghosts are hidden. What twist this Bhoot Jantro brings in their lives that forms the rest of the story. These three friends will be played by Soham Chakraborty, Gaurav Chakrabarty and Bonny Sengupta. Both Soham and Gaurav has earlier worked with the director , for Bonny it will be his first time experience with Haranath Chakraborty. Apart from the three actors there will be two heroines, Srabanti Chatterjee and Rittika Sen. Among them one might be playing a ghost but every one in the unit are tight lipped about it.

Mostly Bengali ghost stories are made based on adaptation of ghost stories written in Bengali literature. Director Haranath Chakraborty’s earlier ghost story Chhayamoy was also an adaptation but he has made it clear that Bhootchakra Private Limited is not a remake or adaptation, it will be made with an original script.

Shooting for the film has already started in Shantiniketan and there are chances that the film will release in first half of 2019. Horror comedy is a genre which has been explored very less in Bengali cinema, we hope this film will be well received and it will open gates for more such films in future.

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  • Monimala Pal says:

    Very good review. Hrid Majhaare had indeed set very high hopes and Rong Beronger Kori has absolutely met them. Kudos to the director Ranjan Ghosh. Definitely someone to watch out for. What a film…. (y)


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