Director duo Shiboprasad-Nandita started shooting for their next film Kantho

This is really going to be an exciting year for the fans of Shiboprasad-Nandita duo as they are coming with two movies. Normally they release one movie each year during the summers, this year also there will be Haami, a film about school kids and their parents. But even before the release of Haami they have already started shooting for their next film titled as Kantho. Most probably it will be ready for release towards the end of the year.

Kantho is a film very close to their hearts and they are planning to make it for a long time. This film deals with a lesser known and sensitive subject that is Laryngeal cancer where the organs related to voice gets affected and a person can lost his voice too. The film is inspired from the life of Late Bibhuti Chakraborty who was a Laryngeal cancer survivor. His story is very inspirational. Once he was detected with cancer in Larynx and he had to go through a surgery. After this surgery he lost his voice as doctors had to pull out the affected organs which also help to speak. But he was a fighter who did not surrender to the circumstances. He tried hard and developed alternate option to speak using his food pipe in stead of vocal chords. It was a tough and tedious job to learn this process but he never gave up. Not only that he later continued to help the other victims like him to talk with speech therapy.

The director duo had met this man few years ago during the making of a non fiction program for a TV channel. Since then they were very inspired by him and wanted to tell this story in a film. Finally it is happening. Although it is not a Biopic rather it is a fictionalized story about a radio jockey who lost his voice because of Laryngeal cancer. For a RJ, his voice is his big asset. After loosing his voice unfortunately, he fights back and regains his voice with the help of speech therapy.This film will not only told an inspirational story about fighting back the odds in life, it will also create awareness about this disease and it’s therapy. There is a larger section of people who are not aware of any such speech therapy. This film will definitely help such victims of Laryngeal cancer.

The film will feature Shiboprasad Mukherjee in the lead role of the radio jockey. Paoli Dam will be seen as his wife and Jaya Ahsan will play a speech therapist. All three are brilliant actors and it will be great to see them together for the first time. For both Paoli and Jaya, it will be their first film with the director duo. Recently they had announced the film on the occasion of Cancer Awareness Day. Now from the month of March shooting has started. We are eagerly waiting for the release of the film Kantho.

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