A road trip movie featuring four girls in lead

Director Rajorshi Dey’s first film as a director, Birpurush is yet to release. In the meantime he has started shooting for his second movie titled as Shubho Noboborsho. Just like his first film this one will also feature female characters in the central role. But unlike Birpurush, Shubho Noboborsho is not a crime thriller, rather it is about a road trip of four middle aged ladies on their reunion after a long gap.

Road trip movie that too featuring all girls in the central character is a never attempted subject in Bengali cinema. Although there was a small portion of four girl’s outing in Mainak Bhaumik’s Ami Aar Amar Girlfriends but no one else have made full length film about this subject so far.

This is a story about four friends who meet in a college reunion after a long gap. These girls are doing different things in their professional and personal life but none of them is happy with their life. Their teacher senses that and suggests them to go for an outing. On their trip to Thailand, they rediscover their happiness, they confess the void in their life and also they get new men in their life.

The cast is very interesting, the four leading ladies are Arpita Chatterjee playing an actress, Raima Sen playing a classical dancer, Sudipta Chakraborty playing a teacher and Tonushree Chakraborty playing a housewife turned chef. With this film Arpita Chatterjee will be seen doing a lead role in bengali film after a long gap, Raima Sen who is currently more occupied with Hindi movies will also do a bengali film after sometime. In spite of being a very talented actress, Sudipta Chakraborty mostly gets supporting roles. It will be a good opportunity for her and her fans to see her in a leading role. Tonushree is the least experienced among the four and it will be a good experience for her to share the screen with talented senior actresses.

The actors who will be seen as the husbands of these ladies are Kaushik Sen,Chandan Sen, Kamaleshwar Mukherjee and Bratya Basu. The other men in their life will be played by Vikram Chatterjee, Harsh Chhaya, Kaushik Roy, Indrashish Roy. Also there will be Pallabi Chatterjee, Rii, Ankita Chakraborty, Manali Dey in supporting cast.

Shooting for the film has already started and shooting for Kolkata portion has already been shot. It is scheduled to release in April around Bengali new year.

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