Ritwick Chakraborty to be paired with Srabanti in the upcoming film “Teko”

Ritwick Chakraborty and Srabanti Chatterjee are going to be paired opposite each other for the first time in the upcoming movie titled as Teko. As the name suggests it has connection with baldness. Actually it is a sarcastic take on our obsessions with hairstyles and looks. It will talk about how a person is judged based on his looks and hairstyle. Taking advantage of that many companies make profit by selling fake hair care products.

It is a story of two people Alokesh and Meena played by Ritwick Chakraborty and Srabanti. Alokesh is a government employee and Meena is a blogger, there families fix their marriage through a match maker. Both Alokesh and Meena are obsessed with good hairstyles and they take good care of their own hair also. This common interest brings them close. But the problem stars when Alokesh uses a new hair product in market after seeing its advertisements. Unfortunately this new product gives a negative result and Alokesh starts loosing all his hair and turns into a bald or Teko. If this will create distance between Alokesh and Meena or their love can survive this tragedy that will be answered in the film.

Teko bengali movie

The film will be produced by Surinder Films and will be directed by Abhimanyu Mukherjee. He has already directed four films out of which two has released and two are waiting for release. With Srabanti, it will be his third film after Piya Re and Googly (yet to be released). Ritwick Chakraborty has worked under Abhimanyu’s direction in a mega serial long back but it will be their first feature film together. In real life Ritwick Chakraborty has a thin hairline and he confidently carries this hairstyle, it will be interesting to see him playing a man obsessed with his hair.

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