Raj Chakraborty announced sequel to 2015 hit comedy Katmundu; Katmundu 2 Cambodia

Normally in Bengali movies we see sequels of detective stories and crime thrillers only. No one tries to make a sequel to a comedy. May be the reason is comedies are not well received at the box office. But Raj Chakraborty is breaking the trend by doing a sequel to a comedy. He has recently announced the sequel to his 2015 comedy Katmundu. It will be titled as Katmundu 2 Cambodia.

As the name itself suggests this time the story will unveil in Cambodia. There are plans to shoot in the famous Ankor Vat temple too. The main three protagonist of the first part will remain same. So there will be Soham and Rudranil reprising the funny characters. Although Abir Chatterjee will be not available this time because of date problem. He will be replaced by Jisshu Sengupta. There will be no Srabanti and Mimi, in this story their character will not be there. Rather two new female characters will be added which will be played by Tonushree Chakraborty and Subhashree. After their marriage it will be first time when Raj Chakraborty will direct Subhashree. Earlier they have worked together in Abhimaan. Raj will also work with Jisshu Sengupta and Tonushree for the first time. Model turned actress Roja who was seen opposite Rudranil in the first part will be in the sequel too playing the same character.

The story will have reference of Netaji. Rudranil’s character will see a dream that there is one diary written by Netaji which is still present in Cambodia. Believing his dream to be true he will go to Cambodia without telling anything to anyone. Of course being concerned for him, his two close friends will also follow him there. As the news will spread, two police officers will also land in Cambodia, as it is about Netaji. These two officers will be played by Tonushree and Subhashree. Together all of them will create lots of confusion and funny situations.

Shooting for the film will begin from April and it is supposed to release on Diwali.

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