Raj Chakraborty announced his new film “Adventures Of Jojo”

It was really disheartening to know Raj Chakraborty’s dream project Tong Ling got shelved because of copyright issues. But Raj Chakraborty and production house Shree Venkatesh Films have kept their promise to the kids. They will release an adventure based film for kids in this winter. Recently director Raj Chakraborty announced about his new film Adventures Of Jojo. Unlike Tong Ling, it will not be an adaptation of any written work rather it will have an original script written by Padmanava Dasgupta. It is about poaching of wild animals from jungle and how two kids deal with that.

The central character of the film is a young kid named Jojo who studies in class VI, in Kolkata. Because of some medical emergency his parents have to go out station so they send Jojo to his uncle’s house for some days. His uncle lives in the forest areas of Baropahari in Arunachal Padesh. There he has two twin studious cousins but Jojo is not too friendly with them. Jojo is not too keen about studies rather he enjoys roaming into jungle and watching animals there. He has his own fantasy world where he has an imaginary friend Tobu and an elephant Notobor. In the jungles of Baropahari his dream comes true when he makes friendship with Shibu the son of a mahout and their elephant Nanibala. Together Jojo and Shibu discovers that something wrong is going on in the jungle as some poachers are active there. They inform the forest officer too but he is not so serious about an information from two kids. In the meantime a notorious poacher Munia Hazari is trying to catch a dreaded tiger Chengis. How the two kids and their elephant will save Chengis from the claws of Munia Hazari that will be told in the film.

Child actor Joshojeet Banerjee, son of actor Jayjeet Banerjee, will make his debut in the character of Jojo. Samiul Alam who was last seen in Sahaj Paather Gappo, will play Shibu. Actor Rudranil Ghosh will be seen as the evil poacher Munia Hazari. Padmanabha Dasgupta and Manali Dey will also be their in significant roles.

Shooting for the film has already started in Arunachal Pradesh. It has been targeted to release in winter this year around Christmas season. If the film does well there is a probability to make it a franchise.

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