Father and Son duo, Kaushik and Ujaan Ganguly are winning hearts everywhere with Rosogolla and Bijoya.

It is a very rare scenario in the history of world cinema and the first ever instance in Bengali film industry when a father and son are having movie releases during same period where both are playing central characters. Kaushik Ganguly and his son Ujaan Ganguly have made this possible with their movies Bijoya and Rosogolla. Both the movies which were released in a gap of just two weeks are running successfully at the theaters. Both the movies have been well received and people are liking the performances of both senior and junior Ganguly. It is indeed a proud moment for ganguly family and we hope this talented family keeps entertaining us in future.

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Recently during an interview with All About Bangla Cinema, actor director Kaushik Ganguly shared his feelings on this situation. He also talked about his son Ujaan’s performance in the movie Rosogolla. Below is the conversation :

Q- Recently we had seen a tweet from you where we had seen the posters of “Bijoya” and “Rosogolla” side by side on same wall. Soon the situation will be like, both your and your son’s film will run together in theaters (the interview was taken before the release of “Bijoya”). What is your feeling about that?

A – It is a very happy feeling for me. Me and my family are serving to this entertainment industry. We are committed to provide entertainment to people. Me and Churni (Ganguly), we have left our teaching jobs to dedicate ourselves to this entertainment industry. Based on our educational qualification, we had opportunities for more earning professions but we choose to serve this industry. We are the family of entertainers. My father had done his bit through music then me and my wife continued it through our acting, writing and direction. Now my son has made his acting debut. People are clapping for him that is giving me immense pleasure. The image having those two posters that I had posted in my tweet, there I had written “Dhanyabad Cinema” in the end. I am thankful to cinema, as cinema has brought this moment in my life. I can not remember any such situation in any film industry where a father and son are having movie releases in lead characters during same time. This is really a happy and proud moment for me and my family.

Q- After watching “Rosogolla”, what was director Kaushik Ganguly’s opinion about actor Ujaan Ganguly?

A- I have liked his work as an actor.He has just made his debut, he has to be more aware about the nitty-gritty of acting. For that he need more tough task masters in future. But what has impressed me, is his dedication and focus for his acting. In some serious sequences which requires very mature acting,he has tried to act perfectly. There are some sequences where I have felt he needs improvement and I have discussed those things with him personally. Ujaan is a very bright student in academics and I believe he is a good student in other aspects as well. By watching his own performance, he will surely understands what improvements are required in his acting. He will improve himself with experience. The hard work and dedication he has given for this film that has given me immense pleasure. It has made me very proud as a father.

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