Kaushik Ganguly announced his next film “Jyeshthoputro” featuring Prosenjit Chatterjee

Recently on the birth anniversary of great filmmaker late Rituporno Ghosh, Surinder Films and Nideas Creations had announced their first joint production titled as Jyeshthoputro. There is a special reason to make this announcement on that particular day as the film will be based on a story idea conceptualized by Rituporno Ghosh himself. Two very close persons to him, director Kaushik Ganguly and actor Prosenjit Chatterjee, are working together to make a film based on that idea. Recently the makers of the film shared more details about the film during a press meet.

According to director Kaushik Ganguly, Rituporno Ghosh had shared this idea with him during the making of Arekti Premer Galpo. At that time he has named it as Anyo Nayak and he wanted to cast Prosenjit in the film. Unfortunately that could not happen as Prosenjit was already committed to other projects that time. It was followed by the unfortunate demise of the great filmmaker. So the film could not be made. Much later Kaushik Ganguly thought to revive that idea to make a feature film. He consulted with Prosenjit Chatterjee and he was also on same board. Later they got help from Late Rituporno’s brother Indranil Ghosh who handed over them the draft versions of the story idea on which Rituporno had worked. Now Kaushik Ganguly has written a story and screenplay on his own based on those drafts and has named it as Jyeshthoputro. 

This is a story of two brothers where the elder brother is a celebrity and the younger brother is a common man. It takes a deeper look at the personal life of a celebrity and how his personal relationships are affected because of his stardom. Prosenjit Chatterjee will play the tile role of the elder brother and Ritwick Chakraborty will be seen as the younger brother. With Prosenjit it will be Kaushik Ganguly’s third film and with Ritwick it will be his fourth film, but these two talented actors are going to share screen together for the first time. It will be really exciting to see these two brilliant actors in a same film. As of now, nothing has been shared about the rest of the cast. Shooting for the film will begin at Bolepur from first week of December. The film is scheduled to release during Poila Boishakh next year.

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