Actress Ishaa Saha has started learning how to knit a Sweater.

Actress Ishaa Saha who had made an imppressive debut with Projapoti Biskut last year and also appeared in the successful film Guptodhoner Shondhaney has started working for her next film titled as Sweater. Mumbai based bengali director Shieladitya Moulik will make his debut in bengali films with this one. Earlier he has made a hindi film titled as Mrs Scooter which has travelled to many film festivals so far. Also he is in talks with Yashraaj Films for his next hindi film. But in between he has decided to come back to his roots with a bengali film.

The central character of the film is a young unmarried girl Tuku played by Ishaa Saha. Her father wants her to get married and he gets a good offer from a suitable groom’s family. But there is one strange condition from the would be groom’s mother that the girl must know how to knit a sweater. As Tuku’s father don’t want to loose this opportunity so he sends Tuku to his sister’s house to learn the art of knitting a sweater from her. During this stay at her aunt’s home, Tuku has a life changing experience which helps her to choose the direction for her future. Kharaj Mukherjee will be seen playing Tuku’s father and Sreelekha Mitra will play his sister and Tuku’s aunt. Musician Sidhu will be seen as her loving husband. June Maliah will play the character of the groom’s mother who comes up with the strange condition.

Apart from them Anuradha Mukherjee, Sourav Das, Riju Biswas and popular TV actor Farhan Imroze will also be a part of the cast.

Shooting for the movie has already started and most probably it will be ready for release by this winter. It looks like this winter this Sweater will give us the much needed warmth.

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  • Angelina Banerjee says:

    The film is excellent and brings forth in the student of history a flavor hitherto unknown.Making use of local west Bengal locations and simple techniques the director makes an effort worthwhile and sincere.Worth watching.


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