Here comes the first look poster of Jeet’s next Baccha Shosur

The biggest surprise of Christmas is here, Jeet has released the first look poster of his next film on the social media. The film has been titled as Bachha Shosur. It is indeed a strange title and the first look poster itself is even more surprising than the title. In the poster we can see Jeet and along with his Baccha Shosur played by Chiranjeet Chakraborty. Why the Shosur is called Bachha that has been answered in the poster as well. In the poster Chiranjeet Chakraborty is being seen as a dwarf who is riding on his son-in-law just like the way kids take ride on the shoulder of elders. Whether he is actually playing a dwarf or there is some other twist in the tale for that we have to wait for more updates from the makers.

The film has been directed by Pavel and it is a joint production of Jeet’s own production house Jeetz Filmworks along with Surinder Films. In this film, Jeet and Chiranjeet will share screen for the third time, after Boss and Boss 2. But as it can be expected this time they will share a completely different equation compared to the other two movies. Apart from this Jamai Shosur duo, Koushani Mukherjee will also be there playing the female lead. There were several speculation about the film for a long time that Pavel will try something different with Jeet and the first look poster has confirmed those speculations. Not only that it has definitely enhanced curiosity for the film even more which is releasing in February 2019.

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