Dev announced his next film as a producer, a Biopic on social worker Subhasini Mistry

Last year Dev has turned producer with a promise to make good movies with original stories. With each of his productions he is surprising his fans as well as his critics. Recently he has announced his next production which will be a Biopic based on the life of social worker Subhasini Mistry who was recently honored with Padmashri. This film will be directed by Kabir director Aniket Chattopadhyay and will be titled as Padmashri Subasini Mistry.

With this announcement Dev has proved that, as a producer he is not just willing to make money rather he is aware of his social responsibilities too. Also one thing is clear, he just don’t want to showcase himself as an actor in his home productions because in this film the leading lady will have all the focus. Even it is not confirmed yet whether Dev will act in this movie or not.

For uninformed Subhasini Mistry is social worker from a village named Hanspukur. At the young age of 23, she had lost her husband as they were too poor to afford medical treatment for him. Since then she decided one day she will make a hospital for poor to give them proper treatment. Her husband died leaving her with four kids and no savings. But she is a strong woman who never gave up. She worked as a vegetable seller, domestic help, laborer and kept saving money for her dream hospital. Also she educated her children. Finally in 1996, her dream project, her hospital started functioning with her savings and some help from NGOs. Since then it is serving poor people who can not afford treatment. Her one son who is a doctor also works in the hospital. Also some charitable trusts are in connection with the hospital.

As per director Aniket Chattopadhyay, the film will cover the journey of Subhasini Mistry from her early 20’s to late 60’s and all this different ages will be portrayed by a single actress only. Prosthetic make up will be used to show different ages of the lady. There is no doubt it will be a challenging character for any actress and it needs some really talented actress to pull it off. Nothing has been disclosed about the cast as of now. So far we have seen Rukmini Maitra and Priyanka Sarkar in all the movies produced by Dev, if any of them will get the opportunity to play the title role is not clear so far. The script is ready for the film, currently it is in pre-production stage. Soon the cast will go for a workshop in the real locations to adopt the lifestyle and dialect of the villagers of Mrs Mistry. After that shooting will begin. There are chances the film may release towards the end of the year.

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