Chiranjeet Chakraborty to return as detective Chandrakanta in “Shororipu 2 : Jotugriho”

In 2016, debutante director Ayan Chakraborti had introduced a new detective in Bengali movies named as detective Chandrakanta, in his much acclaimed crime thriller Shororipu. Now he is all set to take forward this crime thriller franchise. He has started working on the second installment of this franchise titled as Shororipu 2 : Jotugriho. Once again it will feature Chiranjeet Chakraborty playing the character of detective Chandrakanta.

Just like the first part it will also be a psychological revenge drama. It will be the story of a girl Megha played by Arunima Ghosh. She is in love with a boy but because of some unwanted twist she gets married with his father’s friend Debraj. Saswata Chatterjee will play the evil man Debraj. This unwanted marriage turns Megha’s life into a hell. She gets relief from the burden of unhappy married life after eight years of marriage when Debraj dies in mysterious situations. Detective Chandrakanta will investigate the murder case. Besides these three main leads, the cast will also include Rajesh Sharma, Darshana Banik, Sourav Chakraborty, Debranjan Nag, Poulami Das, Biswajit Chakraborty.

Apart from the story and cast another big highlight of the film is Rupam Islam as music composer of the film. He will compose music and background score for the film. It will definitely add more thrill to the film.

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