Team Bishorjon is back with the sequel Bijoya

Almost one year ago a new production house Opera Movies had made their production debut with Bishorjon directed by Kaushik Ganguly. It was an emotional journey of two people who come close to each other crossing all the barriers of border and religion. The film got much appreciation from critics as well as at box office. Also it won National Film awards. We all loved the characters of Pawdda, Nasir Ali and Ganesh Mondal played by very talented Jaya Ahsaan , Abir Chatterjee and Kaushik Ganguly. Many of us are still wondering what happened to their stories after the climax and the answer is coming soon in the sequel titled as Bijoya. It’s very aptly titled as per rituals Bishorjon is followed by Bijoya.

Bijoya Cast

Recently the team of the film announced the sequel in a press meet. Producer Suparnakanti Karati was present there with director Kaushik Ganguly and lead pair Abir Chatterjee and Jaya Ahsaan. As per the makers it will take the story forward but it will be an independent film as well. Just like the concept of Bijoya the film will have a sweet story and it will spread love. Unlike Bishorjon where most of the story unrevealed in Bangladesh, major portion of Bijoya’s story will take place in India. Besides Taki, a large portion of the film will be shot in Kolkata. The main cast from the earlier film will continue playing the same characters. It includes Jaya Ahsaan, Abir Chatterjee, Kaushik Ganguly along with Lama Halder, Arun Guhathakurta.

Late Kalika Prasad’s music was a big highlight of Bishorjon, for the sequel also director wants to use his songs. Composer Indraadip Dasgupta will collaborate with Dohaar to select Kalika’s songs which can be used in Bijoya. Shooting for the film will begin from the month of May. It is expected to release during Bijoya season after Durga Puja.

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