Arindam Sil introduces the cast and their looks from his upcoming Puja release Byomkesh Gowtro.

It had been announced already that this durga puja, Arindam Sil is coming with his next byomkesh film. It will be based on the story Rakter Daag and will be titled as Byomkesh Gowtro. Now there is some more news about the film. Director Arindam Sil is ready with full casting and about to start shooting for the film from first week of June in the beautiful locations of Mussoorie. Although the original story was set in Calcutta but Arindam Sil always love to take his Byomkesh out of Kolkata. Also it gives a visual treat to the audience to witness some exotic outdoor locations. According to the director the story was set in the period of 1950’s post freedom, to recreate that era in today’s Kolkata is much complex and costly compared to recreate it in Mussoorie.

Byomkesh Gotro Logo

As usual Abir Chatterjee will play Byomkesh once again but this time there is some variety in his looks. The pictures which have been posted from his look test, shows him in suit pant blazers. Nothing much has been changed in the look of Sohini Sarkar as Satyabati except for the additional woolen cardigans with her trademark saree, which is obvious considering the shooting location. It was already announced that Ritwick Chakraborty is no more keen to play Ajit, there were some speculations that Saswata Chatterjee may enter as Ajit. But now that confusion has been cleared, Rahul Banerjee will be seen as Ajit. He has already worked with Arindam Sil in Ebar Shabor and looks like he will be a good choice to play the character. Among the others Arjun Chakraborty will be seen in the important character of Satyakaam and Anjan Dutt will be seen as Ushapoti. Indrashish Roy will play the younger version of Ushapoti. Baishakhi Marjit and Anindita Bose will be seen in older and younger version of another important character Suchitra. Priyanka Sarkar will be seen in a very different look as Emily. Souraseni Maitra will be seen as Chumki. So far we have only seen her as a modern urban girl but in Byomkesh Gowtro her look will be completely different. Arindam Sil has always tried to give chance to new talents and this time it will be newcomer Bibriti Chatterjee in the character of Meena. Suphrobhata Das who had impressed us in Anjan Dutt’s Ami Ashbo Phirey will be a part of the cast in the character of Sitangshu. Director Arindam Sil himself will play Ramanath and Joydeep Kundu will be seen as Dhananjoy. Apart from them there will be Harsh Chhaya playing the character of DSP Purandar Pandey, the same character which he had played in Arindam Sil’s first Byomkesh film Har Har Byomkesh.

Subhankar Bhar will be the man behind the camera and Tanmoy Chakraborty will be responsible to recreate the period as the art director. Like all the earlier films directed by Arindam Sil, once again Bickram Ghosh will compose music and background score for the film.

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