Round Up 2018 – Best performances by Female actors in Bengali cinema in 2018

We have just entered in 2019, it is the time to look back and acknowledge the excellence in 2018. Here comes the list of best performances by female actors in Bengali cinema in the year 2018.

1. Tanuja (Shonar Pahar) – Casting veteran actress Tanuja in Shonar Pahar  was very much appropriate and refreshing. Thanks to director Parambrata Chatterjee for casting her in this wonderful character. Tanuja is a very talented actress who has been mostly underutilized throughout her career in both Bollywood as well as in Bengali movies. It feels so good to see her playing a lead character at this age where she can utilize her acting prowess. With her powerful performance she gave life to the character of Upama. It was one tricky character who is very tough from outside but vulnerable from inside and Tanuja maintained that balance beautifully.

2. Sudiptaa Chakraborty (Uronchondi) – It’s already accepted fact that Sudiptaa Chakraborty is one of the finest actress in current time but she mostly gets supporting characters only. In Uronchondi she played the main lead and she proved her acting prowess in every scene. Her look, dialect , body language everything was perfect for her on screen character Bindiya. This will be remembered as one of her career best performance. She was impressive in each and every scene. Apart from this her performances in the movie Pupa also got rave reviews.

3. Jaya Ahsan (Ek Je Chhilo Raja) –  In Ek Je Chhilo Raja, Jaya Ahsan once again proved how much capable she is as an actor. Although the story was revolving mainly around the male protagonist but she managed to left an impression within her limited screen time.Here her character goes through different stages of her life from an young unmarried girl to an aged widow. At every stage Jaya’s performance was commendable, she did change her dialogue delivery and body language perfectly to match her on screen age at every stage.

4. Churni Ganguly (Drishtikone) –  Although Drishtikone was a mainly centered around the hit pair of Prosenjit Chatterjee and Rituparna Sengupta but Churni Ganguly was the show stealer playing the third angle of the love triangle. Here she played a completely different character with a very different look also. She played a housewife who wants to save her marriage and family at any cost. With her solid acting she made everyone feel connected with the emotions of the character.

5. Mamata Shankar (Ahare Mon) –  Mamata Shankar is a definitely a senior actress but there is something about her selection of movies which makes her different from the other actresses of her age. At this age mostly other actresses are busy playing grand mothers, who has nothing much to do but Mamata Shankar still chose characters which has something to add to a story. She did the same in Ahare Mon where she played an inmate of an old age home. With her easy charm and superb acting she made this character very likable.

6. Sauraseni Maitra (Generation Aami) –  So far Sauraseni Maitra had worked in few movies but none of those movies (except Maachher Jhol too some extent) gave her a solid chance to showcase her talent. Generation Aami gave her that platform with a complex yet likable character and she grabbed this opportunity with the best of her abilities. She in fact surprised everyone with her excellent performance. After this character everyone will surely notice her as an actress not just as a model.

8. Paoli Dam (Ahare Mon & Maati) – In Ahare Mon, Paoli Dam proved once again that for a good actor the length of the character does not matter. She had hardly 4 to 5 scenes in the movie but she shined in each scene as the young independent woman who lives her life in her own terms. She looked so graceful that everyone in audience lost their heart to this charismatic lady. She was equally good in her other movie Maati where she played a girl who is trying to search her roots in Bangladesh. Although the character was not so well written and it was mostly one note but with her strong acting abilities she compensated for the weak writing.

7. Rituparna Sengupta (Rong Beronger Korhi) – In Rong Beronger Korhi, Rituparna Sengupta played two very different characters which were as different as chalk and cheese. In one story she played a prostitute who has suffered lots of hardship in her life. She has lots of pain in her heart but being a prostitute she must be presentable and charming to her clients. Rituparna wonderfully blended these two emotions where she is in pain at the same time her face has a glow of glamour. In the other story she played a middle aged widow from a village. It is completely different from the other character and she managed to bring that difference with her performance. Apart from this she was good in Drishtikone and Goodnight City as well.

9. Arunima Ghosh (Rong Beronger Korhi & Goodnight City) – Arunima Ghosh is one fine actress whose potential is yet to be utilized totally. In Rong Beronger Korhi, she appeared in two different stories. She played two different characters which are poles apart from each other and she did full justice with both the characters. Specially in the first one she had worked really hard for her santhali dialect. In the second story also she looked convincing as the newly wed young girl who is in a dilemma whether to choose money or love in life. Besides that she was very much impressive as a high society escort in the film Goodnight City.

10. Tnusree (Flat No 609) –  Tnusree Chakraborty was in very good form in the film Flat No 609. It was a super natural thriller where Tnusree played a girl who is experiencing paranormal activities in her house. Every expression of her getting scared gave goosebumps to the audience. While watching the film one can feel the fear in her eyes. For most of the part she had to act alone pretending that she is reacting to the invisible supernatural presence. It is very challenging for an actor to play such a part and Tnusree have pulled off this challenging task with ease.

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Besides these performances there were few good performances by actors in supporting characters which deserves a special mention.

Rukmini Maitra – Kabir
Swastika Mukherjee – Aami Ashbo Phirey
Mimi Chakraborty – Crisscross
Nusrat – Crisscross
Sohini Sarkar – Crisscross
Aparajita Addhya – Kishore Kumar Junior, Ka Kha Ga Gha, Haami & Rosogolla
Anjana Basu – Aami Ashbo Phirey
Srabanti – Uma
Shreelekha Mitra – Rainbow Jelly
Chitrangada Chakraborty – Ahare Mon
Bidipta Chakraborty – Bidaay Byomkesh & Rosogolla
Parno Mittra – Happy Pill 

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