Four big releases during Saraswati Puja and Valentines week

Looks like after Durga Puja, Christmas and Noboborsho,  Saraswati Puja has became the next most popular season to release Bengali movies. Last year there were three releases and this time it will be four big releases fighting for the attention of audiences. Saraswati Puja is a holiday season for family gathering which provides a good enough scope to attract family audiences to theaters. Moreover this year, Saraswati Puja will be followed by Valentines week and Valentines Day when young couples prefer to spend time together watching movies. These factors have encouraged the filmmakers to en-cash the festive season by releasing their films. The four movies which are releasing on this Friday are Baccha Shoshur, Tritio Adhyay, Finally Bhalobasha and Prem Amar 2.

For a long time Jeet was planning to come out of remake zone to create something interesting with an original script. Baccha Shoshur is his first attempt towards that direction. The story and screenplay have been written by Pavel and it has been directed by his assistant Biswarup Biswas. The film has been jointly produced by Jeet’s home production Jeetz Filmworks and Surinder Films. This is a family entertainer with adequate dose of comedy, romance and emotion. In this film, Jeet will be seen playing a family man who is having a loving wife played by Koushani Mukherjee and a three year old son played by child actor Aman Mehra. He is supposed to be a happy father but he is not as his son has came as a nightmare in his life. He can hear his son talking to him in the voice of his father in law played by Chiranjeet Chakraborty. This concept has enough scope for situational comedy plus the film also gives some important message about not to ignore ageing parents.  On a whole it looks like this will be a complete package of family entertainment and it has fair enough chance to attract family audiences during the festive season.

After making critically acclaimed Ami Joy Chatterjee, the director actor duo of Manoj Michigan and Abir Chatterjee are coming back with their next film Tritio Adhyay. It is an intense thriller with a romantic angle added in flashback. The film which has been produced by Pushprekha International, will focus on two love stories in parallel. One story shows two young lovers played by Sourav Das and Arunima Halder. The other story shows Abir Chatterjee and Paoli Dam as two separated lovers who cross each other’s path after a long gap of their separation. Apart from the love stories there are some mystery element too which has been closely guarded in the trailer and promotions. Earlier also Manoj Michigan has made some really engaging and unconventional thrillers so we can hope the same again. Moreover this film features the talented duo of Abir Chatterjee and Paoli Dam which assures some solid performances. The film has already been well received at some film festivals, hopefully it will get the same amount of love and appreciation from the audience in theaters.

Finally Bhalobasha, directed by Anjan Dutt, is a love story with a different perspective. It is not a conventional boy meets girl love story. It has an interesting tagline “Hormones runs faster than emotion”. As the tagline suggests it will focus on the love born out of physical attraction. The usual concept is that love grows in mind which leads it to physical attraction, but this film will tell the other side of love, where love grows because of physical attraction then leads to mind for emotional bonding. The film will show three stories which will run in parallel and will merge in the end. The first story is of a trapped woman who is in search of freedom. This story has three main characters, a lady who is trapped, her evil husband who tortures her and a young guy who wants to save her. The evil man has been played by Arindam Sil. Raima Sen is playing the woman and Arjun Chakrabarty is playing the guy who wants to save her. The second story is of a dying man who is searching for a true friend. In this story Anirban Bhattacharya is essaying the character of a terminally ill patient and Suprobhat Das is playing his caretaker. They form a bonding which leads them to a same sex relationship. The third story is an young girl who is searching for love from a much older man. But the man is only attracted towards her physically without having any emotional commitment. Anjan Dutt and Sauraseni Maitra are playing the two leads in this story. All these three stories are promising and will be interesting to see how these love stories will proceed in the journey from hormones to emotions.

After 10 years of the very successful tragic love story Prem Amar, director Raj Chakraborty is coming with its sequel Prem Amar 2. But this time he is not directing it rather he is producing it along with the other production house Jaaz Multimedia from Bangladesh. Shree Venkatesh Films is presenting the film. Raj Chakraborty’s long time assistant Bidula Bhattacharjee is making her directorial debut with this film. The film will feature  Adrit Roy and Puja Chery Roy in lead roles who were last seen together in Noor Jahaan. Saurav Das is also there playing the second lead. Although it is not a remake of Prem Amar neither it has any connection with the previous film but no one can deny that there are too many similarities in both the films. It is also a tragic love story of two neighbors who belong from different cultural background. Their families are not okay to accept this relationship. The girl somehow accepts it as fate but the boy turns rebel. We have seen similar story in Prem Amar and that images are still fresh in our mind even after 10 years. In such a situation it will be interesting to see what new this new team will bring to us with Prem Amar 2. But considering the fact that it has a repetitive storyline and not so popular lead cast the film is definitely the weaker one among the four releases. It would have been a wise decision to release it separately.

Although the films are dealing with different subjects and different target audiences but still one cant deny the fact that it will divide the number of shows and footfalls for each of the film. If we go by the previous record then it can be seen that this festive season of Saraswati Puja do not give any significant boost to the business, ultimately the film has to survive on its own merit. Last year out of the three releases only one had survived at the box office. Hope this time the ratio will be better.

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