Dev announced his next film a multistarer comedy Hoichoi Unlimited

After making some back to back intense films now Dev is ready to make something different under his production. Recently he has announced his next production Hoichoi Unlimited. It will be a multi starer comedy directed by Aniket Chattopadhyay. After Kabir and Padmashri Subasini Mistry, Hoichoi Unlimited will be Aniket Chattopadhyay’s third collaboration with the production house. Earlier in the beginning of his career he had many multi starer comedies which were very much appreciated.

Hoichoi Unlimited cast

According to Dev the story will deal about a serious issue but will told in a format of comedy. There will be four leading man and five leading ladies but none of them will be conventional hero heroines. All will be an important part of the ensemble cast. There will be four separate tracks which will be connected with each other after a point. Dev will play a the son in law of a rich industrialist and his wife will be played by Mimi Chakraborty. Mimi is playing a conservative girl who is mostly busy with religious rituals and could not give much time to her husband. Then there is a promoter played by Kharaj Mukherjee. He has two wives played by Manasi Sinha and Konineeca Banerjee. Both the wives are unaware of each other and their husband is having a tough time to manage this secret. Saswata Chatterjee will be seen as an unmarried middle aged man who is a retired flight lieutenant. He has a big crisis in his life, a lady don played by Sudipta Chakraborty who is eyeing on his property. Also there is a married couple a mechanic played by theater actor Arna Mukhopadhyay  and his wife played by Priyanka Sarkar. She wants to be a heroine and finds her husband a mismatch for her. All these characters lands in Uzbekistan and there they meet a beautiful guide played by Puja Banerjee. She is making a comeback with this film. Earlier  she was featured in Challenge 2 opposite Dev. Apart from them Rajatabha Dutta will also be a part of the cast. In Uzbekistan their plane gets hijacked which creates the situation worse for them. But with some comic twists and turns they will be rescued.

Savvy Gupta will score music for the film. The film will be shot in different locations of Kolkata and Uzbekistan. Before this no Bengali movie has been shot in Uzbekistan so it will be a fresh location. The film will release on this Durga Puja. Recently the cast of the film made the announcement in a really funny video. This video is very funny where the actors are making satirical comments on self and on each other. Although Rukmini Maitra is not part of the film but she is also present in the video. This is really an innovative way to announce film and it has set high expectations for the film too.

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