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Almost two years ago Kaushik Ganguly had given us the much appreciated film Bishorjon. It was an emotional journey of two people who come close to each other crossing all the barriers of border and religion. We all loved the characters of Pawdda, Nasir Ali and Ganesh Mondal played by very talented Jaya Ahsan , Abir Chatterjee and Kaushik Ganguly. Many of us are still wondering what happened to their stories after the climax. Soon all those question will be answered in the sequel titled as Bijoya. Not only that the twist in the tale is that, destiny will bring all these three people together once again, it will be interesting to see from this point towards which direction their stories will continue. To know all that we have to watch the film which is releasing from January 4th.

Before the release of the film actor Abir Chatterjee and director Kaushik Ganguly talked about the film in an interview with All About Bangla Cinema.

Conversation with Kaushik Ganguly :

Bijoya Kaushik Ganguly

Q – When did you think of making Bijoya? Was it planned while working on Bishorjon itself or it was planned later?

A – In my mind, the story was already there in four parts. The second part was made in Bishorjon as we thought that part was sufficient enough to make a stand alone film. There is one part prior to it and two more parts after that. Bishorjon got very positive feedback that gave us courage to tell the next part of the story as Bijoya. Plus the story of Bijoya is even stronger compared to Bishorjon so we did not give it a second thought and started working on Bijoya.

Q – Apart from this, have you ever thought to make sequel of any of your other movies?

A – No, I have never thought like that. Only Bastushaap had that probability to make a sequel but I have never thought about it. In fact Bishorjon left so many questions in everyone’s mind. What happened to the characters? Several times I had faced those questions from people. To answer those queries we have made Bijoya. The strange thing is when the story of Bijoya will end, again it will generate several questions.

Q – So can we expect a third part to answer those questions?

A – Let’s see what happens. We can’t confirm it at this point. Film making is a business and we have to think about lot of things before making a film. Some other interesting story may get more priority at this moment. But in future if I get chance, I would like to make the third part. It will be a nice feeling to have my own trilogy.

Q- You directed a sequel for the first time in your career. How much challenging it was for you to recreate the same characters once again?

A- It was not challenging at all, rather it was very easy and pleasant. I did not have to give any brief to any of my actors whether it is Abir, Jaya, Lama or even myself. They all know their characters very well as they lived these characters once. Personally it was very enjoyable experience for me to see all those characters in front of my eyes once again. It was kind of a reunion for all of us.

Q- How was your feeling to play Ganesh Mondal once again?

A- Ganesh Mondal is a character very close to my heart. The kind of love and positive response I have received from audience for this character that i can never forget. I am sure even in my old age i will be able to play Ganesh Mondal very well.

Q- By now almost everyone has seen Bishorjon. It is also available on digital platform. Still if someone has not seen it, will it be a problem for them to follow the story of Bijoya?

A- No, it wont be a problem. People can enjoy it as a separate film as well. People who are not aware of the back story, they will be able to understand the film. That thing has been taken care in this film.

Conversation with Abir Chatterjee:

Bijoya Abir Jaya

Q- While working in Bishorjon, did you ever think that the story can be continued to a sequel?

A – No, I have never thought of that.

Q- So, when Kaushik Ganguly came to you with this offer what was your reaction?

A- Initially I was not convinced to do it. Personally I do not prefer sequels. Franchise is a different thing. But I think a sequels can turn into a forcefully stretched story. Later Kaushik Da discussed the script with me and after few meetings he finally convinced me to do it. But I still believe the way Bishorjon was ended that incompleteness was the USP of the film.

Q- How Nasir Ali in Bijoya will be different from Nasir Ali in Bishorjon?

A- Challenging in the sense Nasir Ali is quite different this time. This time he is not in Bangladesh but he is in his own country. He is no more attached with any unethical business anymore as a result he is more confident this time. When someone is in his own known area he can take more responsibilities. Secondly in Bishorjon his movement was limited because of injury which is not there anymore. So overall this time Nasir Ali is more fit, confident and responsible. But at the same time as it is a continuation of the previous story so the basic characteristics have been kept same.

Q- By now almost everyone has seen Bishorjon. Still if someone has not seen it, will it be a problem for them to follow the story of Bijoya?

A- No, it should not be a problem. Although it is not a completely separate story but the references which are there from the previous film, that has been well explained here, plus some flashback portions are also there. So it should not be a problem. Still who have not seen Bishorjon they can watch it now, it is officially available in digital platform.

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