Dev to play Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari, the father of Indian football

  • November 9, 2019
  • by Mukesh Jha

We all know about the massive popularity of football in West Bengal but sadly most of us are not aware of the man who had introduced football to Bengalis and to be precise to all Indians. It was Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari who is also known as the father of Indian football. Thanks to director Dhrubo Banerjee, now we will get a chance to know more about the man and his efforts to encourage football in India. As Dhrubo Banerjee is all set to direct his next film based on this subject where Dev will be seen playing Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari.

According to football historians, Nagendra Prasad was the first Indian who had kicked a football and showed interest in the game when he saw Britishers playing the game at Maidan. As a teenager, in 1877 he started playing the game with his classmates in his school compound at Hare School. Watching his enthusiasm for the sport, the European teachers of the school and adjacent colleges encouraged Nagendra Prasad and his companions to promote the game among students in and around Calcutta. The Boys’ Club, founded by Nagendra Prasad around this time, was the first Indian initiative at football organization. Later he formed a string of sporting clubs in Calcutta which includes the prestigious names like Wellington Club and Sovabazar Club.

Few days before Diwali, Mahendra Soni of Shree Venkatesh Films had made this big announcement that Dev is going to be featured in their new film that will be directed by Dhrubo Banerjee. At that time nothing had been disclosed about the subject, only it was mentioned that it will be a periodic film revolving around the period of Bengali RenaissanceNow both the director and actor has opened up about the subject. Dhrubo has always tried to make his audience aware of the glorious past of Bengal through his films and we have seen that in his last two films of Guptodhon franchise. But unlike those two films, this will not tell about the history through flashbacks and references, rather it will be a periodic film set in that period itself. It will be a challenging task for the team to recreate that period and for obvious reasons it will cost a big budget as well.

As of now other than Dev nothing has been finalized about the rest of the cast. Currently the film is in pre-production stage and shooting for the film will begin from January next year. The film is scheduled to release during summer 2020.

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