“Danpitey” song from the movie “Love Story”

  • September 15, 2019
  • by Mukesh Jha

Here comes the new song Danpitey from the upcoming movie Love Story featuring Bonny Sengupta and Rittika Sen.

The song talks about the leading man who is going through the growing up age. Through his lyrics, Dipangshu Acharya has nicely captured the images from this particular age of a man’s life. The video of the song also goes in sync with the concept where we can see Bonny Sengupta hanging around along with a bunch of other actors playing his friends. It also shows how conscious people are about their looks and style at this age mostly to impress their friends and crush.

The song has been composed by Savvy and it sounds youthful and energetic which goes well with the concept of the song. Only the chorus section in the opening of the songs sounds little irritating. Timir Biswas and Kuntal De have done a decent work as the playback singers.

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