Official Trailer of the movie “Bijoya”

  • December 2, 2018
  • by Mukesh Jha

Almost one and half years ago a new production house Opera Movies had made their production debut with Bishorjon directed by Kaushik Ganguly. It was an emotional journey of two people who come close to each other crossing all the barriers of border and religion. The film got much appreciation from critics as well as at box office. Also it won National Film awards. We all loved the characters of Pawdda, Nasir Ali and Ganesh Mondal played by very talented Jaya Ahsan , Abir Chatterjee and Kaushik Ganguly. Many of us are still wondering what happened to their stories after the climax and the answer is coming soon in the sequel titled as Bijoya. Not only that the twist in the tale is that, destiny has bring all these three people together once again, now it will be interesting to see towards which direction their stories will continue. Recently the much awaited trailer of the film has been released.

The trailer begins with the separation point between Pawdda and Nasir from the climax of Bishorjon, this moment instantly reminds us the pain of those two hearts. In next few scenes we see Ganesh and Pawdda have arrived to India, along with the kid. There are hints in the trailer that most probably they had come to Kolkata for some medical treatment of Ganesh Mondal. Soon the trailer throws the most awaited moment of the story, where Nasir meets Pawdda and Ganesh once again. This time all three of them are very much aware of their feelings for each other in the past. In such a situation it is really tough for them to face each other. From there how the story will progress for that we have to wait for the release of the film.

According to director Kaushik Ganguly people were able to connect with the pain of the characters in Bishorjon which had made it a favorite among all and in Bijoya, their journey will be more painful. Although the characters are same from the first part but their situations have changed now along with their geographical locations. This time Nasir Ali is at his own country, he is not an illegal immigrant to Bangladesh. So he is more confident and vocal as well. On the other hand Ganesh and Pawdda are away from their homeland in a foreign country. For obvious reasons, Ganesh do not have that much authority here. At the same time situations are different for Pawdda also, she is a married woman now with her responsibilities towards her husband. But no matter at which part of world they are, love is always universal and knows no boundaries, Just like Bishorjon , Bijoya will also echo that universal fact.

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