Soukarya Ghosal to make a horror fantasy named “Bhoot Pori” featuring Jaya Ahsan

  • August 24, 2019
  • by Mukesh Jha

Bhoot and Pori are two different words with very different meanings and it is hard to imagine these two together. But in Bengali literature we have read about many friendly ghosts who are not less than an angel. Director Soukarya Ghosal who had grabbed everyone’s attention last year with Rainbow Jelly, is all set to tell a story about one such friendly ghost in his next film Bhoot Pori. Although it is not based on any literary work rather Soukarya himself has written the story and screenplay of the film. According to him in Bhoot Pori, audience will get the similar flavour of the horror fantasy stories those were written by Shishendu Mukhopadhyay or Leela Majumdar where we see ghosts with emotions like living beings.

The film will have two central characters a ghost Banalata who died 70 years ago and a kid Suryanarayan who is suffering from somnambulism.  The two will meet and become friends. Not only that the kid will also help the ghost to know the way she died which was actuallt a murder. In fact he helps her to find the murderer also. Actress Jaya Ahsan will be seen playing the title role of the friendly ghost Bhoot Pori. Child actor Bishantak Mukherjee will play the little boy who helps her. Other than these two the film will also feature Sudiptaa Chakraborty as the kid’s mother, Ritwick Chakraborty as a thief and Shantilal Mukherjee as a saint.

The film will be produced by Surinder Films. It will be their second collaboration with director Soukarya Ghosal after Rawkto Rawhoshyo which is yet to be released. Shooting for the film is scheduled to start in the last week of August. Nothing has been confirmed about it release plans as of now.

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